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Stump Removal
tree stump removal

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Tree Stump Removal

Is there a tree stump in your yard that you are considering removing? You can use a tree stump as a temporary seat or table, but keep in mind, the tree stump will be a center of decay in your yard for a number of years. While a tree stump is decaying, a few different things will be happening. It’s possible that you will get new shoots growing out of the tree stump, but it’s also possible that these shoots will be diseased from whatever killed the original tree. Tree stumps are their own ecosystems, and as they rot, micro-organisms and small animals will make a home in the stump. As the stump rots away, it leaves behind a hole that will need to be filled with soil to keep the landscape level. This process will take years.


Removing a tree stump best left to a professional company like Coastal Tree Service. Special equipment and knowledge is needed to do it properly with only limited damage or affect to the rest of the landscape. We use a grinder that “grinds” the stump down to sawdust. The remains are then pulled out by hand. This is a routine job for us. A homeowner, trying to remove his own stump, will not have the right equipment, and will soon find that stump removal can be backbreaking labor.

When you remove a tree stump, you create a new space to improve your landscape. Whether you want to plant new trees or build a deck, removing the stump will give you a clean slate to work with. If you live in the East Bay, and have a stump that needs removing, call Coastal Tree Service. Our professional crew will remove any size stump, and leave the space ready for whatever project you want to do next.



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