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Emergency Tree Service

When Your Trees Come Down, You Need – Emergency Tree Service

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emergency tree serviceEmergencies happen and when they do, trees are often the brunt of the situation. During storms, homes and cars are targets for trees as they fall and can potentially cause dangerous damage. It’s best to call a local emergency tree service if you have any kind of tree hazard or if a huge branch needs to be cut or removed. Pets such as cats also need to rescued from trees from time-to-time. Never attempt to tackle any kind of tree problem on your own as you can cause even more damage by injuring yourself or others around you, always call a professional.

When you have an emergency on your property that needs professional help to clear or take down a problem tree after some event has occurred then you need professionals who have been working in the business for over 35 years. Hans and the crew at Coastal Tree Service can come to your property and take care of removing downed trees and taking away the debris while leaving your property clean and tidy afterwards.

Trained crews come in and assess the situation for you, determine the safest method for removing the downed tree or dangerous tree in question. This is paramount, making sure your property and person are safe from any falling danger, or issues with a tree on your home or power pines. We work with safety first, both for our customers but our employees as well. When you hire a professional licensed tree service you are protected by our commitment to safety.

berkeley emergency tree serviceNext you want to be sure and hire a crew that will show up on time, be courteous to you and your neighbors, work efficiently to remove the dangerous tree situation, and clean up the area effectively. Coastal Tree Service works hard to be your reliable tree service that you can count on when an emergency tree situation arises or you just need an annual pruning of your bushes and trees.

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Call Coastal Tree Service – (510) 693-4631

Berkeley Emergency Tree Service


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