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Dangerous Tree Removal

Are you in need of a Dangerous tree removal?

coastal tree service Dangerous tree removal

Dangerous Tree Removal



Every year dangerous trees cause millions of dollars in property damage. Trees fall or lose branches for a number of reasons, including rot, wind or damage to roots. Any damage caused by a tree is the property owner’s responsibility. Don’t think that this means you should have all big trees removed! Here is a tree health checklist to help you evaluate the danger that a specific tree poses.

  • Have roots been broken off or damaged because of recent digging?
  • Are there large dead branches in the tree?
  • Is the trunk starting to lean?
  • Are large branches falling from the tree?
  • Have the leaves developed an unusual color? Or are they a funny size?
  • Does the tree have holes or cavities from rotten wood?
  • Are there cracks or splits where branches come out of the trunk?
  • Have any of the surrounding trees recently been removed?
  • Are the branches overhanging electrical wires or the roof of a building?

 A simple homeowner’s inspection may not be enough. If you are at all unsure about the safety of your Trees, call Coastal Tree Service. Our professional Arborist has been trained to spot defects or issues that you may not be aware of, and to evaluate the safety of your trees.

The removal of damaged, dangerous or dead trees is a high risk and skilled operation. This is not a time to take chances by doing it yourself. An untrained person could cause damage to himself or surrounding buildings. At Coastal Tree Service we make sure to provide a safe environment for our employees and our customers.  All jobs, both large and small, are treated in the same professional manner.

Our tree climbers and cutters are able to trim or remove trees from either front or back yards. Primarily we use ropes to secure branches for trimming, but if needed, we call in a crane. The removal of damaged or dead trees is a high risk operation. When a tree poses a threat, to people or buildings, there is no margin for error. Safety is our highest priority.

If you are uncertain about a tree in the East Bay, or feel a tree in your yard is dangerous, don’t try to remove it yourself! This could lead to injury, or property damage. Call Coastal Tree Service at (510)693-4631. Let our professional staff evaluate the tree, and then deal with it professionally.

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