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Aesthetic Pruning

Aesthetic Pruning

Do your trees need Aesthetic Pruning ?

Aesthetic Pruning

When the trees and shrubs get overgrown, it is not just a question of looking messy or unruly. Overgrown trees can break apart in a storm, or cause a fire hazard, which can endanger your home. Also, overgrowth can be a detriment to the health of your plants. Hiring an aesthetic pruner like Coastal Tree Service means you will have a skilled professional taking care of the investment you made in your home and garden.


Aesthetic Pruning is the fine pruning of trees and shrubs to bring out the best in a plant. It is an Art, a skill, and a part of the Science of Horticulture. This craft of pruning is dedicated to the long term beauty and health of the trees. Cuts are made to improve, not merely to clear away. Aesthetic pruners make the right cuts for the right reason. All cuts will improve the tree, or enhance the scenery around it.


All styles of gardens can be aesthetically pruned for effective use of garden space. Coastal Tree Service is well versed in the various design principles. Whether you have a Japanese Style landscape, or you prefer a cottage garden, or you love the wild look of the California landscape, we will maintain the scale of the plants to your space. Our training covers deciduous trees and shrubs, Japanese Maples, evergreen trees and shrubs, as well as Pines and Conifers. Trees and shrubs can be shaped to let grow out, or can be continuously trimmed to prevent them from overgrowing.


We at Coastal Tree Service, Berkeley, take care to insure that cuts are carefully selected to keep trees and shrubs beautiful, healthy, and appropriately sized to your garden. We train young trees, street trees and garden trees. For over 20 years, we have been caring for new and mature landscapes in the East Bay. Our certified arborist has been trained in the art and science of aesthetic pruning, and will recover the essence of your overgrown ornamental trees and shrubs, and bring added beauty to your yard.


Call Coastal Tree Service to take care of all of your aesthetic pruning needs. Whether you choose to bring us in for a big aesthetic pruning job, or contract us for a regular maintenance plan, we will perform quality services and also can provide ideas for improving the scene of the tree and the beauty of your garden.

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